IoT-based Automated Vehicle Plate Detection Algorithm for Urban Surveillance Systems by A New Hybrid Optimized CNN

Dong Sun

Volume 1, Issue 2 , April 2022, Pages 105-115

  One of the important and more challenging categories in the smart cities and IoT is to monitor the vehicles plate licenses. This system is a key factor in most of the traffic monitoring in the IoT based smart city applications. In this research, a method for plate license recognition based on optimal ...  Read More

Optimal Designing of the Capacity and the Operation of the CCHP System Using Balanced Collective Animal Behavior Algorithm: A Case Study

Roza Gholamin

Volume 1, Issue 2 , April 2022, Pages 116-129

  The combined heating, cooling, and power source (CCHP) system is a good tool for the optimal consumption of fossil fuel thermal energy. In CCHPs, the produced waste heat from the hot gases can be recycled for generating power, heat, and water cooling and oil in electrical power generation systems which ...  Read More

Optimal Configuration of a Hybrid Wind/PV/Fuel Cell to Achieve an Economic Renewable Energy by Optimal Sizing of the Components Using Adaptive Wildebeest Herd Optimization Algorithm

Majid Khayatnezhad

Volume 1, Issue 2 , April 2022, Pages 130-146

  Renewable energy technology is quickly developing in last decades due to the increasing attention of countries to sustainable and clean energy, and is constantly evolving in terms of technology. Nevertheless, there are obstacles to this case, such as rising costs and declining reliability due to the ...  Read More

A New Optimization Approach for Modifying an Off-Grid Hybrid PV/DG/Battery System: A Case Study

Rolando Simoes

Volume 1, Issue 2 , April 2022, Pages 147-165

  The off-grid electricity production is a method of supplying energy to commercial, industrial, residential, and rural or remote regions, which is often the grid connecting is unfeasible because of its difficult regional location and the staggering transmitting cost. In cases like this, the application ...  Read More

Payment cost minimization solution based on an intelligent algorithm in power system

Saleh Mobayen

Volume 1, Issue 2 , April 2022, Pages 166-182

  Several methods have been proposed for sale and payment mechanisms in electricity markets; but, appropriate evaluation of this mechanisms is so difficult. The offer cost minimization (OCM) has been presented previously for solving this problem which minimizes the total offer cost through the evaluation ...  Read More

Hybrid Modified Sparrow Search Algorithm and Sequential Quadratic Programming for Solving the Cost Minimization of a Hybrid PV/DG/BESS

Huahui Li; Haoran Fu

Volume 1, Issue 2 , April 2022, Pages 183-195

  A hybrid PV/battery/DG energy production system is configured and optimized in this study for powering a network of a remote rural of china. The target of system design is to minimize the system’s fuel costs subject to the load demanded (LD) and several limitations. Thus, the concept comprises ...  Read More